Goodrich - AgeMaster #1 Rubber Preservative, Quart | 74-451-127

Goodrich De-Icing Systems


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A rubber preservative, penetrates the surface ply of Goodrich neoprene pneumatic de-icers, anti-icers and propeller de-icers to renew surfaces and protect against weathering and ozone. AgeMaster's helps to maintain flexibility and enhance service life of your de-ice boots replenishing the emollients destroyed by ozone and protects against weather.

This is the second step in the de-ice boot care process.

  • Apply 6 months after new de-icer is installed
  • Reapply every 150 flight hours (twice yearly)
  • One quart covers approximately 90 sq. ft (8.3 sq. m)
  • For use on Neoprene de-icers only
  • Allow for 24-hour dry time
  • Refer to ATA 30-10-31, Section lll for instructions
  • Part Number 74-451-127