David Clark Volume Control Resistor | 09349P-34

David Clark


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David Clark  Volume Control Resistor | 09349P-34

This item is spare part for the these David Clark Items:
GR131260, 100/DC, 10S/DC, 10S/H, H10-00, H10-13.4, H10-13H, H10-13N, H10-13Y, H10-20, H10-21, H10-26, H10-30, H10-36, H8530, H8590, 12416G-15, 12416G-17, 12416G-19, 12416G-21, 12416G-22, 12416G-26, 12416G-27, 12508G-47, 12508G-48, 12508P-45, 40074G-04, 40259G-02, 40411G-05, 40411G-08, 40411G-10, 40411G-11, 40411G-13, 40411G-14, 40411G-15, 40411G-18, 40411G-20, 40464G-01, 40523G-01, 40608G-04, 40636G-01, 40642G-03, 40683G-02, 40713G-01, 40805G-01, 40913G-01, 41025G-01