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Useful at any level of experience, the Home Study Flight Instruction program is excellent both as a preflight instructional tool and as a refresher course. Written by Monty Navarre, creator of Flight Guide, the program brings his thousands of hours of flight experience into the cockpit with you, as it were. An ATP, instrument flight instructor, and holder of DC-3 type rating, Mr. Navarre gives detailed descriptions–maneuver by maneuver–of how to control the airplane, drawing on his extensive experience as a pilot and instructor and conforming with FAA terminology and criteria for training.

The Program is comprised of approximately two hours of efficiently organized instruction. Narrated by Dr. Nick Miller, Flight Guide editor and on-staff pilot, the audio portion is designed to be used in conjunction with the provided instructional booklet. The booklet includes detailed reference diagrams and even a quiz at the end of the course to test your comprehension.

The course moves from an introduction, to the controls, to straight-and-level flight, through turns, climbs, stalls, takeoffs and landings, approach procedures and emergency procedures.

Two Disc set