AeroShell - 33MS/64 Extreme Pressure Grease, MIL-21164D



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AeroShell Grease 33MS/64 is an extreme pressure (EP) grease based on the proven lithium complex technology of AeroShell Grease 33, and is fortified with 5% Molybdenum Disulphide.

AeroShell - 33MS/64 Extreme Pressure Grease Benefits:

  • Improved anti-wear and corrosion resistance over AeroShell Grease 17
  • It is fully compatible with AeroShell Grease 33, so reduces the risks and problems associated with misapplication
  • Load carrying and EP properties equal to that of the well established AeroShell Grease 17
  • Fully approved to MIL-G-21164D

It possesses enhanced anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties and is particularly suitable for lubricating heavily loaded sliding steel surfaces, such as, for example, bogie pivot pins on aircraft landing gear-assemblies.

AeroShell Grease 33MS/64 is a direct alternative to AeroShell Grease 17, but when changing from (clay-based) ASG 17 to (Li-complex based) ASG 33MS, the normal rules on grease changing should be applied.

Aeroshell 33MS Extreme Pressure Grease Specifications:

  • UOM: Cartridge
  • Size : 14 oz, 6LB, 37.5LB
  • Manufacturer P/N : ASG-33MS-14OZ
  • UPC : 021400574557
  • Military Standard : MIL-G-21164D
  • Alternate PN : 33MSCTG

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