Avlabs - AL-5 TKS Anti-Icing Fluid, 55gal | AL5-55GL

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Avlabs - AL-5 TKS Anti-Icing Fluid, 55gal | AL5-55GL

TKS de-icing fluid complies with AL-5 DTD406B and AMS 1424B and is approved by British Aerospace. Aviation Laboratories aircraft wing de-icer is approved for all TKS systems. Diamond aircraft, HS-125 Hawker, Cirrus, Beechcraft, Cessna, Piper, Mooney, Kodiak, Hawker and many other aircrafts are equipped with the TKS weeping wings de-icing systems. TKS wing deicer is sold by the case, pail, and drum and accommodates all users from invidividual pilots and their aircraft to fleet managers and their growing fleets. TKS wing deicing fluid is tested before and after blending and undergoes strict quality control. Filtered to 1 micron. Certificate of analysis and strict lot control.