Dow Corning - PR-1200 Rtv Prime Coat, 10.9oz, Red | 4094481

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Dow Corning® brand primers, prime coats and adhesion promoters are dilute solutions of silane coupling agents and other active ingredients. The surface reactive components typically must be applied in a very thin layer for best bonding. The solvents used in these products serve to deliver the active ingredients in a thin, uniform coating, enhance surface cleaning, and in some cases, aid in the penetration of the active ingredients into the bonding surface. Primers can be used to increase design flexibility, reduce total costs or increase performance reliability of electronic systems. They do this by enabling adhesion to lower-cost substrates or lower temperature processes which reduce energy budgets, among other possibilities.

One-part, red primer dispersed in naphtha, enhances bonding/adhesion of RTV and heat cure silicones to many metals, ceramics, glass, masonry and structural plastics.