PRC Desoto - PR-5044 Neutral Peroxide Paint Remover, 5 GL

PRC Desoto


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PRC Desoto - PR-5044 Neutral Peroxide Paint Remover 5 Gallon

Eldorado PR-5044 a peroxide-activated paint and primer remover, for removal of polyurethane and epoxy paint systems. PR-5044 is environmentally preferred and very worker-friendly. It is the product used when Boeing strips and aircraft.

  • Fast-acting, cost-effective
  • Environmentally compliant. Contains no chlorinated solvents
  • Effective on polyurethane and difficult epoxies such as BMS 10-11 and TT-R-2970
  • Viscous liquid gives better dwell time
  • Remains wet on surfaces for many hours reducing need to re-apply
  • Approved by or conforms to: BAC 5725, DPM 5549, Boeing D6-17487, Douglas CSD #1,Embraer, Cessna Aircraft Company