Orr-lac - Orr-lac 342 Green TT-P-1757 Zinc Chrm Paint 11oz | 342

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Prevent corrosion on aluminum surfaces with Orr-lac 342 green zinc chromate aircraft primer. TT-P-1757A Type II zinc chromate primer is a single component substance that can be used on surface treated aluminum or surfaces that have had a pre-treatment coating in compliance with MIL-C-8514. This zinc chromate primer spray can contains 11-ounces. See the zinc chromate primer MSDS for safety information.

Can be used with or without top coating
When used as a primer, it passivates zinc and will retain its electrical conductivity
Conforms to TT-P-1757A-T, Type II
Just 15-30 minutes of dry time
Repels corrosion, preserves aluminum surfaces
Ideal for paint application and correct aircraft body maintenance