APR Holding Pattern Computer | HPC-206

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APR Holding Pattern Computer | HPC-206

Designed by Capt. Barry Schiff, APR’s Quick-Learn Holding Pattern Computer helps you to easily visualize how to enter all Standard and Non-Standard Holding Patterns. By setting the inbound holding course you can immediately read all headings and courses.

This pocket size Holding Pattern Computer also shows a pictorial flight path for all holding procedures and provides specific directions for entering any holding pattern.

Maximum indicated holding speeds & inbound times are provided on the bottom panel of the computer. Constructed with hi-stress durable plastic.

On occasion, Pilots need or want to know when they are abeam the holding fix, while in the holding pattern. The left edge of the standard side and the right side of the non-standard side of the computer provides this "perpendicular bearing".

The Only Holding pattern computer which incorporates all required features:

  • High definition, 4 color graphics
  • Color matched instruction
  • Perpendicular bearing arrows
  • Sawtooth sloping easy to read scales
  • Holding pattern graphicly displayed
  • Indicated holding speeds & inbound times
  • Standard/Non-standard Holding patter sides
  • Complete organized detiled instructions
  • Quickest and the easiest to learn
  • Hole convenient for hanging
  • Pocket size for quick access
  • Durable all plastic PVC construction