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Faster, safer, more effective seam sealant removal. The 3M SR Cutter is a plastic rotary cutting tool with in integral metal mandrel, available in diameters of .40 inch and .83 inch. The cutter runs at low speed (850 RPM) on right-angle drills to remove thick polysulfide and polythioether sealants with minimal effect to the underlying paint, primer, alodine or metal. Use together with the 3M SR Radial Bristle discs to clean up all remaining sealant.

Critical aircraft maintenance and repair tasks depend on effective seam sealant removal. When airline mechanics need to repair wing panels, repair fuel tanks, or work with many other surfaces, they may first need to remove the sealant from the seams. This task is an integral part of every aircraft mechanic's job. Until low, there were limited choices for removing seam sealant. One was to use chemical solvents, which raise health, safety, and environmental concerns. Solvents take time to work, and can be messy to clean up. The other choice for removing seam sealant was hand scraping, which is slow, expensive, and inconsistent. Scraping by hand may also lead to repetitive-motion stress injuries. In addition, some scraping tools can damage the surfaces under the seam sealant. Wire brushes, for example, can aggressively cut aircraft aluminum and weaken the integrity of the aircraft.

Now there's a better choice. The 3M SR Cutter eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, which means there's no need for specialized
ventilation, or cleanup equipment. It also replaces hand scraping, which saves time, effort, and money while providing smoother results in about half the time. Along with the 3M SR Radial Bristle Disc, which is designed to remove thinner layers of sealant, the SR Cutter speeds and simplifies sealant removal for aircraft maintenance and repair.

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