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PermaSafe FAQs

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What is PermaSAFE? PermaSafe is a revolutionary, two step multipurpose antimicrobial Surface and Air Protection System that Eliminates 99.999% of bacteria and viruses, plus odors and allergens Makes interior surfaces antimicrobial and virtually “self-sanitizing” Sanitizes HVAC systems & duct work and continuously purifies passenger cabin air Repels and resists stains from liquids, dirt and other spills Shields and helps extend the life of upholstery, carpets, and other surfaces  Eliminates and helps prevent the reoccurrence of odors, allergens, mold, mildew & fungi and … DOES IT ALL WITHOUT THE USE OF HARMFUL CHEMICALS CAN LAST AND REMAIN ANTIMICROBIALLY EFFECTIVE FOR MONTHS AND MORE ...

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The Lightspeed FlightLink™ App

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Lightspeed Aviation developed FlightLink, their free aviation app for iPad and iPhone, to take your Lightspeed headset to the next level. FlightLink works seamlessly to capture and retrieve incoming and outgoing communications in the cockpit.     For Zulu 3, Tango, Sierra, PFX, and Zulu.2 Never miss a vital transmission while in flight Immediate replay of ATC calls Draw or erase notes or diagrams on the scratchpad with your fingertip Permanent archive of all flight communications for post-flight briefing and training Valuable tool for flight training at all levels by capturing the intercom communication of instructional flights Easily register your...

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COVID-19 Product Update - Celeste Products

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Corona virus has become a global pandemic. More than anything, the virus has made everyone focus on the importance of reducing the spread of germs. Airlines are no exception. They have been working diligently to disinfect aircraft surfaces often to keep guests safe and comfortable on their flights. Here at Celeste, we continue to produce aircraft-approved surface disinfectants, hand soaps, and hand sanitizers during this time of increased demand.Celeste's Sani-Cide EX3 is a broad spectrum hard surface disinfectant/cleaner trusted throughout the aviation industry and registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). To date, Sani-Cide EX3 has been tested to...

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Recreational Oxygen For Recovery and Hangover Remedy

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HANGOVER REMEDY ‘Hair of the Dog’. ‘Chugging Water’. ‘Greasy Breakfasts’. ‘Vitamin-infused concoctions’, ‘Bloody Mary’s’. All are part of the folklore – but the most sworn-by and successful Hangover Remedy has always been OXYGEN. The only problem was – most people never had ACCESS to it.  (Ask the people that do – e.g. Firemen, Policemen, Nurses, Pilots, etc.) As researchers spend more time looking at brain chemistry and what actually improves cognitive function, they have stumbled upon one of the major elements that the brain needs: OXYGEN. Canned recreational oxygen is convenient, portable and affordable. Las Vegas Oxygen bars have been...

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