Aircraft Truss Head Machine Screws Guide

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Truss heads are typically wider than the heads on other screws and have a slightly rounded surface.

You’ll usually need truss heads when working with sheet metal and other projects that require large holes because the wide head prevents the truss screw from going through the hole. Truss head screws are well suited for sheet metal and other material with large diameter holes due to their wide head. Additionally, because of their low-dome shaped head, these screws make tampering with or removing the head difficult.</p>



Part Number Logic

AN526{Material Type}{Thread}{Drive Type}{Length}

  • Material Type
    • ​'-' Denotes Steel - Cadmium Plated 55,000 PSI Tensile Strength.
    • 'C' Deontes Corrosion Resistant (Stainless) Steel.
  • Thread
    • ​Standard Thread Sizes - #4-40 = 440, #10-32 = 1032
  • Drive Types
    • ​'R' =Cross Recessed (Phillips) Head.
  • Length
    • Denotes 1/6'' per number.  Threfore, 4 = 4/16'' or 1/4'', 48 = 48/16'' or 3''


AN526 Steel - Cadmium Plated
Length Thread #4-40 Thread #6-32 Thread #8-32 Thread  #10-32 Thread 1/4-28
  AN526 MS Alternate AN526 MS Alternate AN526 MS Alternate AN526 MS Alternate AN526 MS Alternate
1/4'' AN526-440R4   AN526-632R4   AN526-832R4   AN526-1032R4      
5/16'' AN526-440R5   AN526-632R5   AN526-832R5   AN526-1032R5      
3/8'' AN526-440R6   AN526-632R6   AN526-832R6   AN526-1032R6   AN526-428R6  
7/16'' AN526-440R7   AN526-632R7   AN526-832R7   AN526-1032R7   AN526-428R7  
1/2'' AN526-440R8   AN526-632R8   AN526-832R8   AN526-1032R8   AN526-428R8  
9/16'' AN526-440R9   AN526-632R9   AN526-832R9   AN526-1032R9   AN526-428R9  
5/8'' AN526-440R10   AN526-632R10   AN526-832R10   AN526-1032R10   AN526-428R10  
3/4'' AN526-440R12   AN526-632R12   AN526-832R12   AN526-1032R12   AN526-428R12  
7/8'' AN526-440R14   AN526-632R14   AN526-832R14   AN526-1032R14   AN526-428R14  
1'' AN526-440R16   AN526-632R16   AN526-832R16   AN526-1032R16   AN526-428R16  
1-1/8'' AN526-440R18   AN526-632R18   AN526-832R18   AN526-1032R18   AN526-428R18  
1-1/4'' AN526-440R20   AN526-632R20   AN526-832R20   AN526-1032R20   AN526-428R20  
1-3/8'' AN526-440R22   AN526-632R22   AN526-832R22   AN526-1032R22   AN526-428R22  
1-1/2'' AN526-440R24   AN526-632R24   AN526-832R24   AN526-1032R24   AN526-428R24  
1-5/8'' AN526-440R26   AN526-632R26   AN526-832R26   AN526-1032R26   AN526-428R26  
1-3/4'' AN526-440R28   AN526-632R28   AN526-832R28   AN526-1032R28   AN526-428R28  
1-7/8'' AN526-440R30   AN526-632R30   AN526-832R30   AN526-1032R30   AN526-428R30  
2'' AN526-440R32   AN526-632R32   AN526-832R32   AN526-1032R32   AN526-428R32  
2-1/4'' AN526-440R36   AN526-632R36   AN526-832R36   AN526-1032R36   AN526-428R36  
2-1/2'' AN526-440R40   AN526-632R40   AN526-832R40   AN526-1032R40   AN526-428R40  
2-3/4'' AN526-440R44   AN526-632R44   AN526-832R44   AN526-1032R44   AN526-428R44  
3'' AN526-440R48   AN526-632R48   AN526-832R48   AN526-1032R48   AN526-428R48  
AN526 Stainless Steel
Length Thread #4-40 Thread #6-32 Thread #8-32 Thread  #10-32 Thread 1/4-28
  AN526 MS Alternate AN526 MS Alternate AN526 MS Alternate AN526 MS Alternate AN526 MS Alternate
1/4'' AN526C440R4   AN526C632R4   AN526C832R4   AN526C1032R4      
5/16'' AN526C440R5   AN526C632R5   AN526C832R5   AN526C1032R5      
3/8'' AN526C440R6   AN526C632R6   AN526C832R6   AN526C1032R6   AN526C428R6  
7/16'' AN526C440R7   AN526C632R7   AN526C832R7   AN526C1032R7   AN526C428R7  
1/2'' AN526C440R8   AN526C632R8   AN526C832R8   AN526C1032R8   AN526C428R8  
9/16'' AN526C440R9   AN526C632R9   AN526C832R9   AN526C1032R9   AN526C428R9  
5/8'' AN526C440R10   AN526C632R10   AN526C832R10   AN526C1032R10   AN526C428R10  
3/4'' AN526C440R12   AN526C632R12   AN526C832R12   AN526C1032R12   AN526C428R12  
7/8'' AN526C440R14   AN526C632R14   AN526C832R14   AN526C1032R14   AN526C428R14  
1'' AN526C440R16   AN526C632R16   AN526C832R16   AN526C1032R16   AN526C428R16  
1-1/8'' AN526C440R18   AN526C632R18   AN526C832R18   AN526C1032R18   AN526C428R18  
1-1/4'' AN526C440R20   AN526C632R20   AN526C832R20   AN526C1032R20   AN526C428R20  
1-3/8'' AN526C440R22   AN526C632R22   AN526C832R22   AN526C1032R22   AN526C428R22  
1-1/2'' AN526C440R24   AN526C632R24   AN526C832R24   AN526C1032R24   AN526C428R24  
1-5/8'' AN526C440R26   AN526C632R26   AN526C832R26   AN526C1032R26   AN526C428R26  
1-3/4'' AN526C440R28   AN526C632R28   AN526C832R28   AN526C1032R28   AN526C428R28  
1-7/8'' AN526C440R30   AN526C632R30   AN526C832R30   AN526C1032R30   AN526C428R30  
2'' AN526C440R32   AN526C632R32   AN526C832R32   AN526C1032R32   AN526C428R32  
2-1/4'' AN526C440R36   AN526C632R36   AN526C832R36   AN526C1032R36   AN526C428R36  
2-1/2'' AN526C440R40   AN526C632R40   AN526C832R40   AN526C1032R40   AN526C428R40  
2-3/4'' AN526C440R44   AN526C632R44   AN526C832R44   AN526C1032R44   AN526C428R44  
3'' AN526C440R48   AN526C632R48   AN526C832R48   AN526C1032R48   AN526C428R48