Telex launches Airman 8+ ultra-lightweight ANR aviation headset

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Telex is pleased to introduce the latest member of the world's most successful professional aviation headset family: the Airman 8+. The trusted choice of commercial and business aviation pilots everywhere, Airman models are designed to provide an optimal combination of lightweight comfort, compact form factor and superior sound quality for turbine aircraft cockpit communications - all enabling the user to focus on flying. The Airman 8+ evolves this concept with refined design elements and a range of new features that make it the best-performing Telex Airman Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headset to date

  • Deluxe headset for commercial and business aviation communications
  • Ultra-lightweight design with new features for enhanced comfort and ease of use
  • Excellent Active Noise Reduction (ANR) performance with eco-friendly battery-free operation

Telex will be globally launching the new Airman 8 Plus to the public on July 1, 2020. Distributors & dealers can use this time frame to load product to their inventory and prepare their online pages for global launch. Please ensure you do not go live with public communications, public orders until July 1, 2020.

Below you will find the sales and marketing tools to help you prepare for our global product introduction. Thank you for your support!



Model Impedance Part Number
AIRMAN 8+ Double Sided ANR Headset, 2PJ 600 Ω AIRMAN8P-0210
AIRMAN 8+ Double Sided ANR Headset, XLR5 600 Ω AIRMAN8P-0211


Telex Airman 8+ (Plus) Accessories:

Title For Use With Part Number
Carrying Case Airman 8+ AIRMAN8P-0909
Clothing Clip Airman 7/8/8+ AIRMAN7-0904
Ear Cushions Airman 8+ AIRMAN8P-0903
Cloth Ear Covers Airman 8+ AIRMAN8P-0910
Large Headpad Airman 8+ AIRMAN8P-0908
Small Headpad Airman 7/8/8+ AIRMAN7-0906
Windscreen Airman 7/8/8+ AIRMAN7-0900